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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What we left untold..

                Years goes by.. seasons comes with new colours, somehow the world has changed and we too... Its no longer the same world as you seen before.., your childhood memmories became more like a fantasy dream... But, still some things aren't changed.. after a long transformation of heart and soul, its not easy to go back to the old form entirely, but, some untold words lives as fresh as the sun. It may set for a while, but never forever. We may foresee that things we do may hurt our hearts... still we don't step back. Hearts changes definitely, but not so fast as the seasons does. A new life and reformation is not as easy as words unless there is a strong stimulant to make the change.

     We may leave many things untold, thinking that these words will fade away from our hearts... hoping that the moments we left behind won't trace our shadows in the journey of life, but, sometimes they pour over us like a rain unless we get shade to protect our souls. We may show our weakness or not fate shows it to us, sometimes turning back to the past gives us strength to move on and keeps us going and sometimes its the past that holds you behind or makes you weak, which is also a main reason for depression.

        Let no untold secrets disturb your open future and no unexpressed feelings take away your everyday charming smile... as there is no wound in hearts which cannot be healed by another, if you let someone to.
We always keeps the painfull memmories untold and to ourselves, which interm makes scratches in your heart and turns away many happy moments to sad. Don't let your sould die in pain, let go and and start living, because a smile should come from the soul to be real and true, don't play the life like a drama with many hidden feelings, many untold words in mind. Let your life be real, true and innocent.

May God bless you... have a good happy life...

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