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Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank God for the Miracle

        Its been a year now! that  I haven't posted anything, the whole year was full of miracles... looked like everything was happening for me.. there were times that I lost hope... still there was a single flame some where in my heart that kept me living... I had no idea what I was asking Him for... I had no idea how to get it done.. I had no strength or power to handle it alone ... but , every hardships came on ways all together, I just knew one thing that He told me He will help if I ask, and he will stand for me . He gave me the result of my prayers and my faith.

          He came to me  and changed me.., gave me strength to face everything and stood by me and solved everything for me..before I could realise the problem. I had no idea when I go for a battle , what should I have, how I should be prepared.. But, I swear the moment I left my home, I changed. Many strangers came into my way.. for everyone I remained a mystery.. Hardships never went away, but there was something new that kept me going, that was His miracles...

      I never knew what I wished for myself, but, he remembered my every wishes and fullfilled it..
I saw people who already had every pleasures they wished for.. But, there was a difference between us, that I got everything by a miracle..

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Gokul G Krishnan said...

25th march is a good day to start.. :)