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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Are we the same..?

       The most awaited day of the year in my life, my 23rd bithday, the day forcesus to look back and foresee  the future of your career and life. Somehow, I would like to call  this is year of my life as the'End of waiting'.
Time to remeber what I planned for my my life when I was a kid, and how the plan changed whn I was close to reality and how my thought matured with time and experience, ready to realize I bacame older and wiser than last year. But, somewhere in my thoughts the old little kid has her own dreams and fantasy. To balance the fantasy and realiy was never easy for me, I never said No to any of it, thinking about reality has always helped me to think wise and plan well and to stand on my feet. But fantasy has always kept me in the air , where I fly with the colours of my dreams, by which I got hope , energy and optimism.

      Even though the life's paths have transformed me to another person, there is still a part of me which is real for me. Its not impossible to change to an entirely new character, we see alot of people daily, some people are so emotional, one hit on there weakness could torn their life apart, but for some many of emotional values are just a rain for two minutes, they heal quickly. Its easy to adapt while immitating someone's good characters, and which can transform you, even though  in ourselves we have the same strength to tackle the situation, we never realise our own strength. Sometimes these kind of transformations will help you to change immediately to a stronger person or to adapt yourselves to be more bold in your situations. In principle we are resposible for our own emotional challenges, and we could balance it with our own self control. But, its not always easy for us, because how hard  people may deny the truth, they know they are weak inside.
                                  May we become stronger than we are now...


deeps said...

life is like that :)

gigy said...

the facts are known to evryone.., still the human will wonder about all of them..