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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oshana in the highest...

            I have never trusted anyone completely, even after seeing them, talking to them and knowing them..., But you my Lord, You were the only one, whom I felt completely and gave my entire faith blindly... And even though the sorrows never left my path, You never left me alone to bear it ...You stood by me all the time and when I was almost about to give up, You sparkled the strongest glimpse of faith into my soul..telling me that You won't let me down, no matter how hard the situation might be. You healed my wounds  before I become weak, You held me before I fell.. I will never find a Love like Yours on this earth of which that I am sure of.

Agree that the sorrows never left me , but neither did You..and after all these years...I remember not the sorrows You gave me but the way You fought with the situations for me... And took me higher and gave me strength again and again to stand on my foot. As I began to grow, people started complimenting my strength. Well, as the truth, they were all wrong, I was the weakest one.

You knew my wishes more than myself, You even knew what's to give me when... even though sometimes I felt You gave me things late or You heard my prayers late...But You knew the right time to act and to give. As a human, I always realize everything late and sometimes emotions leads me more than my faith and I complain to You..., But my Father, You were never angry with me , You waited patiently until I realizes what You meant to reveal to me and You fills me up with Your miracles.

Thank you for all Your Blessings and Your Gifts...
Oshana to my Lord, my Father 

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