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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Deepest Mystery Of All : A Women's Heart....

     The biggest secrets are hidden in the heart of a women..... Only she can bear its weight and pain and it is her destiny... and her deepest feelings are hidden in there. She is the ocean of the greatest emotions and there is a treasure of unbind love and care... She becomes a sister , wife and a mother in every relations she is a secret keeping personality , a man's heart can be in women's pockets but no women will open her heart fully to a man.
      Women's nervous tensions are aways active she can never relax in a complete sense. Its really hard for anyone to hide their inner most feelings from their closest friends and people they really love, especially men are week in hiding their emotions and feelings from his mother, wife or from the women he is love with. Once he gets attached to her deeply he gives her his trust and she keeps his hearts key hidden in her heart. A man gives his trust easily than a woman do, he falls in love faster than a woman do.... her secretive personality is something just that only she can understand... she will act her role perfectly in every situation … where no one will ever know what she hides in her heart.
      Some hides their pain to keep others happy, some hides secrets that may make others sad...Some secrets are never revealed and some may be opened when she experiences a high level of emotional tension or emotional imbalance; at that time she will automatically burst out her painful secrets to her closest friend and some may reveal them when she feels someone is too trust worthy, honest and when is is perfectly comfortable with them.
      No one can ever tell that keeping a secret to ones own heart is a sin... because sometimes it is necessary like a 'Lie' is necessary to save someone's life. Its just that Your Intension should be good and you should be honest to yourself, there is no one to judge should judge yourself and you should do what your heart believes in...A women always hides a secret by covering it with pain fear....Its presence will always give scratches to her heart... However, she manages to hide it from others.....

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