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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Balancing Your Mind and Heart

      Its very difficult for everyone to balance their mind and heart every time....In different situations we burst out our feelings and lose control of our minds due to our emotions. In those situations where emotions take over our conscience and we cannot afford to be concentrated purely on our work. People's emotions won't stick to a point for a long time, hearts wander in every direction and sometimes its hard to stop it or to gain control over it.

When humans are really sad they forget their surroundings and starts burst out and cry and when they are very happy then also they don't care about their surroundings and laugh out of happiness and when they are very angry they shouts out loud and do things which they can't control with their mind, and those involuntary actions may result in hurting people around them.

High- tempered people are always suggested to do meditation or yoga by the psychological counselors. These mind-body balancing techniques are really helpful. Some people becomes criminals after an accidental mistake, they cannot control their mind after doing a sinful thing. Prayers and traveling can help people calm their nervous worries and relax completely. We should try to find out our own relaxing technique, something that makes you relaxed in any rushy situations, I am sure that there will be some particular thing that will help each one of us relax in any kind of situations, it may be music or any of our hobbies or any kind of yoga techniques like breathing techniques to lower our temper. It is important to find out these things and use them in time.

Once we get control over our mind, body and heart we can handle any kind of situations that comes in our way. People with delicate or sensitive hearts will cry even for a small issue, someone crying shows that he is so weak at that particular situation and Its the point where he could get hurt. You should never show people what your weaknesses is, because once it is known to them people will target that particular point to break you down. We should know how to control our own feelings then only we could understand others well. Winning and losing is all depended on your heart and how much faith you have in your own feelings. Always listen to your heart then you will be strengthened by your soul and there you will achieve great power and courage to defeat anything that comes in your way.....May God Bless you....Thank you...

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