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Monday, October 31, 2011

Shadows of the wrong decissions

    It always happens that we make a lot of wrong decisions in our lives and we may sometimes repeat the mistakes again and again...and people tell us that "its all because of your single decision that you took that day" then we might turn our back on them saying that what we did was the right decision for that situation.
But, at some corner of our hearts we may repent on what we decided to do that day...
    May be it was the best decision to be taken at that moment, but as for the future... it may not be the appropriate one...

Blaming someone for their decisions which they took for the better future of others is so bad, which may be the reason they found their life and their dreams without wings... Sacrificing our own dream for others seems so emotional and daring for the moment...what we may be losing is our own life.

Well, as the time passes, everyone forgets what they got from you, and we may be still remembering that what we sacrificed for them, But at that time even in their eyes you may be nothing but a loser.
we can tell only one thing that we never helped others in order to get re-payed by them.

Even "I have done some stupid things with my own dreams , for which I have sacrificed many things and finally I Sacrificed that dream for something else...well as I do believe in astrology, a Gemini girl like me can never stick to any one thing or one choice in her life.

We all may have something to repent on, But, I believe its never too late to take another path for the betterment or take an another step to rise again till you touch the sky, "Because According to me:  "A victory coming after thousands of victories is not glorious than the Victory that you achieved after a thousands failures and sufferings"...
     You will be proud of yourself in the future that you survived the situation and you proved that your decisions were never wrong. This is what I am trying to teach my self, and you must understand this and never let the shadow of the wrong decisions takeover your courage, happiness and your life...
     If there is Light its certain that there will be shadow too...But who ignores the dark shadow behind him and move towards the light will be a Hero in his life"
Be brave to face it, that's what I am trying to do at this part of my life... May God Bless You...Thank you...With love, Gigy

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