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Monday, June 27, 2011

God And The Universal Secrets

      I am a kind of person who believes in God more than astrology, fate or any other thing ... On the same time its true that I believe in astrology. I was ever curious to observe its sparkles on the human nature. I have tried to deeply observe every person I come across in my journey with a lot of curiosity. I have always compared their natural traits and psychological behavior with their astrological nature and I always found that there is not much difference between the results.

         For many questions we humans still don't have the answers, for some of them we have assumptions but how hard we try to get a conclusion we fail to get a proof. I believe this may be one among those kind of unanswered questions. It may be still unknown to us because if all mysteries are solved by humans they may see themselves equal the th great creator or may start believing they the the Gods now.

     People are always confused with fate and reality. Some people just believe in fate and just blindly curse their fate for the mistakes they have done. Some just gets get relief by saying that whatever happened bad to me was my fate, and I can't reverse it, I always believed that my fate may be some thing and may be even my astrological predictions may also say the same, I just know one thing that my God won't let happen anything bad to me, because He knows how much I trust Him and that I have no other hope but only Him. May God Bless You...Gigy

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