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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Relations And Emotions

         Relations and Emotions are our weaknesses.. All living beings are weaker when they are emotionally down or unstable, and most of the time of our stress the reason use to be the people around us, the people whom we care for, the people whom we love and sometimes the reason may be we itself. When something weakens our strength, We became emotionally unstable...we lose our minds.. we may not be able to handle the situations. We all know all organisms got this weakness but we still have to learn to overcome these kind of emotional break downs.

       Its not easy for any of us to overcome these situations but, remember its not impossible for us...The situations like, when we lose our precious relations, our favorite dreams, our dearest ones. We look back at their memories and cry, and there is no solution in the universe for your pain inside, You must cry until your pain gets washed off. Don't ever take more time on this, or else you may lose many things in your life.We should understand that death is nothing but, a relief for every life a path into an eternal life.
     Erasing Our memories are not that easy as to control our tears, But its true that "there is nothing the time can't erase from our memory." 

Here I add A Quote By Me For The Painful Weak Hearts:

"Let you be calm and peaceful, 
and Let the time wash away your pain by the tears you shed,
Let the time erase those hurting memories passing by your mind,
and Let you be stronger and wiser than ever.
I wish no one has to be in pain for their whole life ,
 let there be a hope in everyone's heart ,
 live for you and live for others too...
May your tomorrow be Brighter than ever".....Thank you...Your Friend Gigy

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