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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sacrifice !

     On this Good Friday, I would like to tell you about the value of the sacrifice. We can never forget what Lord Jesus has done for us...and the most painful truth is that still people didn't understood why He sacrificed Himself for us ....Now I see the world is worst than the ancient times many prophets came forward they done so many prophesies still we understood nothing... Jesus sacrificed His life...and He proved how much He loved us...He never complained or hated us. He was simple and tried to teach us the path to choose but, we never understood Him. But when he sacrificed His life for us...many people realized the truth that He just tried to save us...
    People are busy in remembering His sacrifice but, never looked why He done it. It was for the purity of our hearts. He taught us to Love, to Sacrifice, and to forgive ... But, people never understood any of those great qualities..they spread war and hatred..they never understood the value of Christ's sacrifice...and never understood value of Love.
        Before He told them not to cry for Him;but to cry for their children. He Prayed to God to forgive us for Crucifying Him. His Love was Great and His Love was true. People were so blind and could not see His love.even after the thousand years we remember him and cry for him on good Friday...But people never understood His motive or the meaning of His sacrifice.

On this day of Good Friday,Here I quote a  prayer and hope ..

"May He forgive us for all our sins,
 May He Teach us to love and care,
 May our hearts be kind and generous,
 May we will be capable of spreading His words,
 May we Fill the world with love and Happiness,
 May we make Heaven out of this hell,
 and May His Blessings stay with us forever and ever...."

 Thank You...Your Friend Gigy


Vp Ahmed said...

Interesting, subject of thought............................

Gigy said...

Thank u 4 the comment