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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come back to life

There are some times in our lives when we get stuck in the situation.... and we see no hope...and feels like its the end of all. especially, when we lose protection, when we are completely helpless, when e are extremely weak. These situations are similar to the situation of a paralysed person... Because he is helpless and weak ... I must tell you something that, "Failure is when we give up or lose hope or lose faith in ourselves and when we stops believing in God". We must remember that till the moment before the death we are very much Alive...And till the last moment of life we should not lose hope and accept failure .Life is full of Hope...Sometimes a tiny firefly will show you the way in your dark world. Its never late, so never ever lose hope.

When people are stuck in such a situation..., and feel like they are dead already ,they should encourage themselves to come back to life.. and if you know anyone lost hope with their life, you should encourage them...To an extend , we all are sensitive and that's a fact, but we all are not sensitive at the same time, we all are not weak at the same, if someone is becoming weak with their situation, you will be strong enough to support them and if you do so, when you are weak ,there will be someone for your help... "You just have to be kind enough to help them".

We feel like we are dead when we lose our precious people..., the first thought in our mind at that situation will be to end up our thinking that 'why am I alive in the world where he/she is not there...' But , Its not the way to present your respect to that person...,if you really love them, You should do the good things that they wanted to do for the world and that will give them honour and they will remain in the memories of a thousand people....but, if you die, you buries, not only your memory but also theirs...

You just have to be strong enough to hold on for a little longer, and if you believe truly, there will be a miracle ,to smile on your life...May God Bless You...Thank you..

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