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Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Words Are Magical Spells

Words..., For some people its their Weapon, and for some its the shield,by which they resist and defend and protect themselves and for some,its the medicine that has the power to heal others pain...words can be Harsh,it can be Sharp, and it can also be Sweet,Soft and Gentle..

Words are precious.., if it has a good cause... it can heal the wounds of a bleeding heart..its like when we are talking to someone we feel that they have taken away our pain...feels like when someone tells their tragic story, we feel we are far lucky than him..,and we give them hope to live forgetting the truth that before

hearing their story you we so hopeless about your own life...Words are valuable when you are all alone sitting in a dark shade tree and wondering where your life will take you to...then someone sits near to you and tells you their dreams and inspiring you by their own dreams....

Words really matters a lot...because they enters straight into heart then it reaches to your mind...Your heart feels it, your mind analyses it..and both responds together to it....when someone attempts suicide their heart only decides it...but, if we stop them for 10minutes and talk to them with a kind and caring attitude they will get melted by the flames of your words... Use your words for good cause...not to harm others but to appreciate others...May God Bless You..Thank You...

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