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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling Guilty

Its a Natural Emotion comes out when we hurt someone mentally or physically..and we realise that its not good to hurt anyone and we starts accepting the truth that we did a wrong thing.. We feel guilty about that... I believe that its good to feel guilty...that's the first sign that we are improving our attitudes...and we are realising our own weaknesses and mistakes. Humans should realise their own mistakes...not only that..we should also apologise for our mistakes...there is no need to be ashamed of apologising and we should learn from that mistake... and we should add it to our experience and never let the same situation happen again...
Some people commit mistakes in their life, and they feel guilty for the mistake whole their life....its good that you don't forget the mistake, But its not a good tthing to blame your self for the mistake you have done.., you should either correct your mistake or should do some compensation to your mistake...and usually a true Apology is enough for many people to forgive you for your mistake...

The people who feel guilty,should not be blamed further, because they understood their mistake, they admit it and feel sorry for that. These people should be treated carefully as they are highly sensitive at that time, if we start blaming them, they may not be strong enough to withstand that situation.So, we must handle them calmly and softly, we must be ready to accept their apologies, and we must forget theirs sins and we should lead them to the world of purity and happiness.

And incase if we reject their apologies and if we blame them further,they may become even worse personality than we have seen or sometimes they may get broken to death.And if either of these happens, we will be the only one responsible for it.Our Lord Jesus has taught us many great lessons of forgiving others, even our, we should never forget to forgive others. And we should not be late to forgive others.

Even Lord Jesus has told that "the moment someone feels guilty, then itself his mistakes are forgiven". May God Bless You All... Thank You

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