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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are You Feeling Lonely... ?

     Our Lives are full of Supports and Dependence, knowingly or unknowingly,We are depending on Others...A Support from Our Loved ones makes us Happy and Strong.In a Trip to Jungle, If someone is there with you,the trip will be fun and adventurous for you...But if you go Alone to the Jungle,it will be like a Nightmare for you and your each step will be with fear,You wont Enjoy the Journey.
     But Unfortunately ,Its not in our hands to choose to Walk along with Others through out the Journey, In all our lives, always will be a Path where we must walk alone ...Instead of Taking those Circumstances as a challenge,We easily Give Up due to Fear,We wont dare to take one step Further,On that point you Lose all Your Confidence to Win the Race of Your Life...You Must Remember that Such circumstances are part of Life and No matter How Dark and How Long It may Seem to you,You must Continue your Journey with courage,The Path may Lead you to your Victory.
  We should not expect Others to be with us through out Our Journey,We should move on...because its Our Journey and its our own duty to Finish it up...
   In Life Whenever you come across such a situation, When Others are around you but, no one is Supporting you or Helping you in your journey,you should not Sit and Cry..,You Should you should continue your Journey,believing in yourself and in the Eternal Power.I am sure,If you believe so and move on, You will Find Your Victory at the End of your courageous Journey through the Dark Path....May God Bless You...  Thank You....

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